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Keraton Hard Color Kert Insane Pink Pink - Keraton

by Keraton
Keraton Hard Color Kert Insane Pink - Pink
It is a toning moisturizing mascara with nitroanillins of deposition and keratin that treats and colors wicks or whole head only in discolored hair (between Ton 10 and Ton 11); Fashions colors.

Tip for a good result: discolor the hair until they get a blonde straw tone. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry. . Check a small amount for pre-pigment the discolored wires. Dry again and on the dry hair generously reapply the product. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes according to the porosity of the wire and the desired intensity. Rinse well with water until eliminating all over the product, thus avoiding towels, pillows and clothing.

Because it is a toning coloration by deposition, the product can drop pigments in the first washes.

Important: - Coloring intensity will vary according to the natural base of hair, chosen hue and hair porosity.
To ensure a desired result, we recommend testing in a wick.