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Kit Hair Color Remover Alpha Line Coloring Treatment 240ml - Alpha Line

In this kit you will receive:

1- Remover Color Remove # 1 with 120ml
1 - Color Conditioner Remove # 2 with 120g

Alpha Line Hair Color Remover partially or totally undesirable the undesirable coloring of the hair in a practical and effective way, without modifying its natural color, as it does not contain ammonia or decolorant agents.
Color Remover was developed with keratin oil and special silicones, promotes strength and repair capillary fibers, did not attack the wires and will only remove the artificial pigments leaving them strong, healthy and soft.

• Does not contain ammonia or oxidizing agents, is not a whitening agent and acts only in artificial pigments.
• It can be applied in chemically treated hairs based on thioglycolates, hydroxides, guanidine, progressive brushes, permanent, wicks and dyes.
• It does not present results in hair processed with Henese, progressive and hennas dyes.

Alpha Line Color Removing was developed to correct the coloration, but the result will depend on the conditions of the wires, and may only be partial, it will depend on the tone of the coloring, volumage of the oxygenated water used, tone and intensity of coloring, and time of use. For dark staining, black and brown tones, or intense, red tones, there may be saturation of the dyes and in these cases a larger number of applications will be required.

Because it does not contain ammonia or decolored agents do not act in natural hair, that is, it does not act as whitening. After the removal of the staining, the wires will present a "faded" color in relation to its natural tone, since in the prior staining was used of oxygenated water, which oxidizes the natural pigments according to the volume used.

The product has 30 minutes time, and can be used up to 2 times on one day, not exceeding 60 minutes. For a new application, it must be respected 7-day interval.
Achieving your goal of removing unwanted coloration, can color the hair on the same day, following guidance of the mode of application of the dye in question.

Mode of Use:
1. Wear suitable gloves.
2. In a plastic container Place 1 part of the activator Hair Color Remove No. 01 for 1 part of the Hair Color Remover Remove No. 02, mix with a spatula or plastic brush until complete homogenization.
3. Divide your hair into wicks;
4. With the aid of a brush apply the wick mix the wick, in the dry hair, do not need to be clean;
5. Respect the distance of 1 cm of root;
6. Leave pause from 30 to 40 minutes after application;
7. Do not use plastic cap, aluminum or heat source;
8. After the pause washing his hair with the neutral shampoo.

Important: Stools can cause an allergic reaction that in some rare cases can be serious. To help you prevent the risk of allergic reaction, it is essential to respect the following precautions: has already presented any allergic reaction to a coloring product. Your scalp is angry or injured.

Do, in all cases, a touch proof (skin allergy test (skin) imperatively 48 hours before each use of this produ