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Mascara Matizadora Red Red 500g Immediate Original - Top Life

All you need to know before coloring the wires

A step by step done with all love and affection, which can save the color, health and beauty of your wires. We believe that with these tips, you will get more beautiful and lasting colors.

We ask you to read the instructions carefully! Before using any of our products you must perform a touch test to identify a possible allergy.

Touch Proof: Apply the product on the forearm, let us act for 20 minutes, wash and wait 24 hours. If there is irritation on the skin, itching or burning do not use the product.

Professional Toplife Tonal Mask 500gr

Record approved at Anvisa: 25351.491923 / 2020-61


Durability: 05 to 15 Washings

Content: 1 - 500gr

Important informations:

- Must be used only in previously discolored tone 10 or clearer hair.
- Take the Mecha test before applying the product throughout the hair to ensure that the base is ideal for the application and correctly follow the use instructions.
- Do not mix with peroxides and oxygenates.

The professional toplife brand is not tested on animals.

Instructions for use

Before applying
Make the discoloration of your hair, preferably with a professional help - use vaseline or moisturizing cream to protect the outline of your hair, avoiding undesirable spots on the skin

- Gloves use during application is recommended.

Mecha test
Before applying the product throughout the hair, take a test in a small wick already discolored to see if your hair will reach the desired tone - if the result is not satisfactory, make new decolors to reach a clearer base, until Desired result - It may be necessary to neutralize the yellowish for applications of some colors.

How to color:

Wash the hair with a neutral pH shampoo
- Do not use conditioners
- Fully dry the wires and apply your ink uniformly with a brush help
- Let's act for 30 minutes to 40 minutes
- rinse hair carefully without the use of shampoo
- In multi-colored hair, individual applications should be made, do not rinse different colors together, this will cause hair stains, do separately.

It is normal for the color tone progressively after each wash, to recover the original tone just reapply the tincture - for a longer lasting result, use special shampoo for colored hair.

- Planks, brushes and straightening can fade color.


- Before applying the pigmenting mask in the wires wash with anti-trousid shampoo, thus the wire cuticles will be open and ready to receive the pigment.
- When you remove the product not rinse into the bath so you do not run the risk of spotting your skin.
- The first rinse after applying the pigmenting mask for the first time in the wires is the most important. Make sure that all excess pigment is removed.

Frequent doubts

# The products can cause allergic reaction?

Yes, some people may have reactions to the components of the formula. Before using, test if you have sensitivity to the product.
Touch Proof: Apply the product on the forearm, let us act for 20 minutes, wash and wait 24 hours. If there is irritation on the skin, itching or burning do not use the product. In cases of any reaction, consult your doctor.

#A Mask Pigmentante Toplife Professional Tinge gray or white wires?

Pigmenting masks, in some cases, can cover up to 80% of the white wires. Remembering that this is not the rule, it is an exception. So it is always important to hold a wick test before to ensure that the result achieved is the one you want. In most cases where the pigmenting mask is applied in the white wires it does not pigment. And if you take the wires, you can leave the first washes.

#Precisa discolor?
Simmmm! For all the useful topplife colors you are to use, you need to discolor the wires before, if not the pigment can not penetrate or fix on the wires.

# But if my hair is natural blonde? Do I still have to discolor?
In some cases the professional toplife pigmenting mask can pigment in clearer natural hair, but this is an exception.
Everything will depend on the color of your hair and the color you want to color.
That is why the wick test is indispensable.
If your hair is clearer than the color you want to apply it is possible that the mask will be without the need for prior discoloration.
But remember that the pigment can also go out more easily than the wires.

#FUND Ideal bleaching for applying fancy colors?
For the best possible results it is recommended that your hair is on a base of 9 to 12. The whitening background will depend on the color you want to color. Remembering that any yellowish tone for smaller than may be compromising pigmentation.

# I'm pregnant, and I'd like to dye my hair with the professional toplife masks. Would it have any problems?
We have no contraindication, but we always ask you to look for your doctor to make sure that everything is all right and that is released. If the doctor does the endorsement, just play in the world of colors.

# Children can use?
Our product has no contraindication for use in children and adolescents, we have Mirins customers that color the wires. But by precaution, we recommend that it take the composition of the product to the physician for him to make the release of use.

#Devo mix the paints with decolors (peroxides) or oxygenated?
Not! Toplife pigment masks are ready to use and should be applied in discolored hair (from a tone 9). Mixing with peroxides, ammonia or oxygenated will leave the product without effectiveness.