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Mask Matizer Maintence Violet Matizadora Salles - Salles

by Salles
Matizer Mask Premium Maintence Treatment - Professional Salles.

The Matizer Matizer Premium Maintence. Nourish and tumbles blond hair! It was developed to eliminate yellowish spots of hair damaged and resected by chemical processes, leaving them naturally enriched by the nutrients of keratin and panthenol. Adds brightness, softness and gently untie the wires, contain proteins that help secure coloration in capillary fiber.

Mask: Formula rich in pigments that reactivate brightness and promote platinum effect.

KERATIN: It is a fibrous protein produced by the body, responsible for 90% of the constitution of the wires. This substance is capable of ensuring strength, strength and elasticity to capillary fiber because it is rich in amino acids.
Panthenol: It's a powerful moisturizer. It is the precursor of pantatenic acid, a very important vitamin for hair health.

Step by step:
Apply shampoo all over damp hair and massage gently to make foam. Then rinse completely. If necessary, repeat the operation.
Use the conditioner on clean and humid hair, distributing uniformly. Then rinse.
Apply the mask on the clean and wet wires after using the shampoo. Leave acting for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse next.

Indication: For blond hair, discolored or gray

Effect: They act in the neutralization of orange tones in blond and discolored hair, and yellowish tones in gray hair.