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Tonalizer Biocolor Man ( Click and Choose ) Wxz - Biocolor

1 Tonal Biocolor Man

Biocolor man is a toner that colors the wires and leaves them with natural appearance, uniforms the tone and lasts about 30 washes. It has easy application, acts in just five minutes and can still be used on the beard, mustache and chops.

The recommendation for anyone who has never dyed the wires and is in doubt about the color of the toner is to choose a tone that looks more like the natural color of the hair. In doubt, always opt for a clearer.

Before application, always make the touch test on the skin and the Mecha test:
Touch test on the skin
Prepare a bit of the product as if it were to use it. Apply a small amount on the forearm or behind the ear. Leave the area where the product has been applied free, wash the location after 5 minutes. If in 24 hours after making the test arise irritation on the skin, itching or burning in the place or nearby, the person's hypersensitivity to the product is proven to be proven.

Mecha test
The wick test should be performed to verify the result of the application. The result may be influenced in hair with straightening, permanent, metallic dyes, hennas, excess exposure to the sun and also for the overall health of hair. Prepare a bit of the product as if it were to use it. Separate a lock into the back of the hair and apply the mixture. Wait 5 minutes. After the action time, wash and dry the wick by evaluating the obtained color and the reaction of the hair. If heating, break or wire damage, the product should not be used.
Remove the bottles from the box and mix the contents of the toner biocolor man to the activating lotion 15 volumes. Then shake the mixture until it is creamy and homogeneous. Cut the beak from the bottle and initiate the application. The application should last about three minutes and it is necessary to start it by the regions where there are more white wires.
Before you begin, old clothing view and protect yourself with a towel or cloth that can be discarded later. To avoid stains on the skin of the face, spread a layer of moisturizing cream in the region around the scalp and only remove the hair rinse.
Important Tips
"Is it the first time you use a man biocolor and is insecure with the result?" Just leave the toner acting for less than five minutes, as the effect will be even more subtle and discreet.
- If you want to get a natural result when coloring beard, mustache and chops, let the product act for up to 10 minutes.
- Never leave Biocololor Man acting for more than 10 minutes as this changes the end result.
- Leaving the toner for more time in the wires does not guarantee that the duration of the product will be higher. On the contrary, this determines the fixation of the color. So when more time you leave, more coloring will have in your hair.
No. AUT. MS: 2,04641-7
No. AUT.MS: 2,00003-8