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Catiônica Cationic Disciplinary Lumini System Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Forever Liss

Cationic Ionizing Kit Complete Forever Liss ritual care for unruly, rebellious and armed hair. With Top Professional technology, unique on the market, it contains Ojon Oil, Castor Oil, Lumini System in its formulation, which in addition to deeply hydrate and nourish the threads, ensures three-dimensional shine, static elimination and Nano Regeneration of the cuticles.

Forever Liss Cationic Shampoo for unruly or frizzy hair. Provide effective cleaning without damaging the hair. The result is hair with greater shine and vitality.

Forever Liss Cationic Mask restores the entire structure of hair cuticles, has nanoparticles with activated cations that, when they come into contact with the hair, immediately eliminate static (raised strands and high frizz), correct the hair surface and cause hair loss. strands attract each other. Released for Low Poo technique.

Forever Liss Cationic Conditioner conditions and untangles, while deeply hydrating unruly, rebellious and armed hair. The result is hair with greater shine and vitality. The conditioner is released for the Low Poo and No Poo technique and can also be used in the Pre-Poo technique for greater hair protection.

Suitable for all types of hair, especially undisciplined, rebellious and armed.

Ojon Oil: Moisturizes and regenerates weakened hair, offering intense shine, helping to reduce excess volume and fight frizz.

Castor Oil: Powerful antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory effect among many other benefits. Contains minerals and vitamins that aid in growth, strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

Lumini System: Vegan product of synthetic origin responsible for the retexturization of the hair fiber, which intelligently provides conditioning and three-dimensional shine.

Ionizing Cations: Promotes the replacement of all matter lost in the strands and the positive charge of the hair, the strands become more humid, reduces friction, making them easier to comb, soft and shiny.

Gentle Cleaning
Lined/disciplined hair
Immediate action
Eliminates Static
color protection
three-dimensional glow
Volume Control and Frizz
Cuticle sealing
Nano Cuticle Regeneration

How to use:
01. With damp hair, apply Anabolic Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips until a lather forms.
02. Rinse your hair.
03. Right after washing the hair, apply the Cationic Mask on the still damp strands, spreading it along the entire length.
04. Massage lock by lock by gloving.
05. Leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse until the product is completely removed.
06. Remove excess water and apply Cationic Conditioner to damp hair, massaging them strand by strand.
07. Let it act for 3 minutes.
08. Rinse your hair.
09. Finish as you wish.

The result is immediate action against volume and frizz. Silky, protected strands making them easier to comb, soft and shiny.

01 - Cationic Shampoo Forever Liss 300ml.
01 - Forever Liss Cationic Mask 450g.
01 - Cationic Conditioner Forever Liss 300ml.