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Crystallization Bath Enhances Color Moisturizing Treatment Kit 3x300 - Groove

by Groove

Shampoo for colored hair Crystallization Bath Groove Professional. The Shampoo cleans the wires optimally to protect from fading. It manages to preserve the vibrant color for up to 7 weeks. The Groove Professional Crystallization Bath Shampoo has a formula that helps to close the cuticles of the threads so that they are able to retain the color better. Thus, your hair is clean, with a beautiful shine, soft touch and lasting color.

Conditioner for colored hair Groove Professional Crystallization Bath untangles the strands and keeps the color beautiful and vibrant for longer. It provides color protection for up to 7 weeks. The Groove Professional Crystallization Bath Conditioner has high technology and antioxidant actives that fight fading and protect from the change of tone. It has a formula rich in vitamins that nourish the hair and improve the surface of the strands. Thus, you feel your hair untangled, soft, with a bright and preserved color.

The Groove Crystallization Bath promotes hydration, softness and extreme shine. A totally new product on the market was developed with the latest technology rich in D'Pantenol, keratin and coconut oil. This Protein and Amino Acid Complex repairs all the porosity of the fiber, promoting the desired effect in a few minutes. In order to reactivate the shine the vitality lost in the threads during the processes of chemical treatments, daily aggressions and high temperatures.

How to use:
Apply shampoo to damp hair. Massage gently to foam. Then rinse. If necessary, repeat the process.
Apply The Crystallization Bath with damp hair over the entire area of ​​the hair, distributing it evenly with a comb to have better penetration of the product; - Let stand for 10 minutes until you realize that the product has been fully absorbed; If you want, use a thermal cap; Rinse normally and finish as you wish;
Apply the conditioner to clean, damp hair, along the length and ends. Distribute evenly. Let it act for a few moments and then rinse.

-01 Groove Crystallization Bath Shampoo 300ml
-01 Groove Crystallization Bath Conditioner 300ml
-01 Groove Crystallization Bath Mask 300g