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Organic Bioplasty Progressive Brazilian Blowout Hair Alignment 1000ml - Groove

by Groove

Groove Professional Organic Bioplasty is a treatment to realign the most modern hair that exists. Its formula penetrates directly into the hair fiber, returning essential nutrients for the reconstruction of the hair, restoring it while promoting flawless straightening.
Its composition does not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that are toxic to hair and health.

How to use:
1- Wash your hair with Anti-Residue Shampoo to open the cuticles of the strands;
2- Remove excess water with a towel and dry 80% of the wires with a dryer.
3- Apply the Organic Bioplasty, to an inch of the root homogeneously, with the help of a brush and comb, aligning the strands;
4 - Dry 80% of the wires again with cold air and divide into 4 equal parts;
5 - Plank the thin strands 5 to 15 times; 6 - Finish as you wish.

-01 Groove Organic Bioplasty Progressive 1000ml