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Hair Straightener Pro Ultrasonic Nano Titanium 1 1/4 110V 440F - Babyliss


The Ultrasonic Nano Titanium Babyliss Pro Board has ultrasonic technology that, through the mist distribution guide, located in the central gap of the board, which transforms water into a cold micro-mist that produces shine and adds moisture to the hair.

The cold micro-mist, evenly distributed to offer better contact through a central guide on the plates, is good for the hair and safer for stylists. The cold ultrasonic mist reduces the intensity of the heat and leaves the hair smooth, smooth and shiny.

Benefits 77% more protection against breakage. 49% smoother. For healthier hair. 30% better hair management capabilities. Better hydration and for less friction. 22% more shine with a hair and better alignment of the hair.

Product Dimensions:
- Length: 29cm;
- Width: 3.5cm;
- Handle: 277cm.

- Length: 11cm;
- Width: 3.2cm.

Board Features:
- Ultrasonic Mist;
- Digital temperature controller;
- Removable distilled water tank;
- Minimum temperature: 150ºC and maximum: 230ºC.

-01 MiraCurl Ultrasonic Nano Titanium Babyliss Pro Board 110V 127V 440F