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Thermal Protection Innovator Remineralizing Hair Sérum 90ml - Itallian Hair Tech


Finisher that conditions and gives shine to the hair. Combats frizz, reduces hair breakage and even stimulates hair follicle cells, helping with health and hair growth. Protects hair from the heat of the dryer, preventing damage to the keratin of the hair fiber. It is neither oily nor sticky. Leaves the threads light and helps maintain color.

Trace elements: mineral salts (K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Si, Cu, Mn) extracted from sea water using exclusive technology. They are presented in a unique proportion of essential elements for the recovery of damaged hair. Reinforce hydrogen bonds, reducing wire breakage. They promote cellular stimulation in the hair follicles, from which the hair is born.

Thermal Protection Agent: a chemically stable component derived from natural sources. High conditioning power. Provides shine and anti-frizz action.
Promotes malleability and facilitates the shaping of the wires with the dryer.
Protects hair against the heat of the dryer, preventing damage to the keratin present in the hair fiber.

Squalane: derived from sugar cane, a renewable and biodegradable source. 100% ecological ingredient. Not oily or sticky after application. Provides light and silky result. Checks combability. Promotes thermal protection, helping to maintain the color of colored hair.

How to Use:
Apply a few drops to damp hair and brush with the dryer. If you prefer, use a few more drops to finish the process.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Innovator Remineralizing Sérum 90ml