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Keratin Trivitt Intensive Moisturizing Cream Hair Mask 250g - Itallian Hair Tech


Itallian Trivitt Intensive Hydration is indicated for all hair types. Repair damage with hydration, shine and conditioning of the wires. Penetrates the inner part of the hair fiber and strengthens the strands against breakage with highly moisturizing ingredients, which act in the sealing of the cuticles and in the replacement of the lost moisture for longer, which leaves the hair shiny, resistant and conditioned.

Vitamins A, E and F: They have a high nourishing and revitalizing power.
Vegetable Extracts: A blend of extracts of seaweed, aloe vera and jaborandi, which moisturize and tone the hair, restoring the healthy and natural aspect.

Keratin: Helps in the restructuring of the damaged hair, strengthening and protecting it.

How to Use:
Apply a generous amount on clean hair and massage gently along the length of the strands. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and comb as normal.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Intensive Moisturizing Mask 250g