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Anabolic Clean Force Reconstruction Hair Growth Treatment Kit 3 Prod. - Jhors

by Jhors
The new Jhors Anabolic line has arrived to Transform and Rebuild hair, from root to tip! There are three incredible products that will strengthen, rebuild and enhance the hair in a totally accessible treatment.

Jhors Anabolic Clean Force is a fortifying shampoo that cleans deeply and leaves hair stronger and more resistant. Complete preparation to receive hydration and reconstruction.

Anabolic Elite Mass is a reconstructive mask that provides maximum hydration to the hair, rich in amino acids, proteins and high concentration reconstructive agents.

Anabolic Hair is a food supplement in capsules. Provides nutrition and accelerated hair growth. Rich in vitamins for skin, nails and hair, it contains a high concentration of BIOTINE and 12 more high-performance components for hair, skin and nails.

01 Jhors Anabolic Clean Force Fortifying Shampoo 500ml
01 Jhors Anabolic Clean Force Capillary Reconstructive Mask 500g
01 Nutrition and Strength Hair Supplement Jhors Anabolic Clean Force 30 Capsules