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Defy Damage Protective Prevention Moringa Arginine Treatment Kit 4 Prod. - Joico

by Joico

Joico Defy Damage Shampoo was specially created to offer powerful protection against all sources of hair damage.

With a formula that helps to protect the hair in all the steps necessary for home care treatment, cleaning, conditioning, weekly repair and daily care. Leaving the hair healthy, soft and with much more shine.

When used before and after any chemical or hair treatment it helps from beginning to end. The Defy Damage care system is perfect when you want to:

• Greater and more uniform lightening in the discoloration;

• Softer, shiny, healthy and resistant hair;

• Stronger and healthier hair, but without sacrificing color;

• Longer and more vibrant coloring.
Its foam is soft, rich and luxurious with ingredients that prevent damage, remove dirt and accumulate residues without harming the threads or changing the color.

You will be surprised by the result: shiny, soft and clean threads. Your hair will look amazing and resistant, with a healthy appearance and an irresistible aroma.

The Joico Defy Damage Conditioner was specially created to enhance the effects of the Defy Damage Shampoo and to further protect your hair against all sources of hair damage. It increases the resistance of hair breakage and protects the color.

Untangle the threads while replenishing vital moisture and restoring lost elasticity. During the application, a protection deposit is able to combat the damages of the day-to-day, you will be surprised by the result: shiny, smooth and nourished threads.

Her hair was incredibly sturdy and healthy looking.

The Joico Defy Damage Mask was specially designed to deeply nourish the hair, guaranteeing a deep treatment to give fusion with a brilliant defense system and strengthening bonds.

The result? Less breaks more protection against thermal actions; ensuring instant softness and shine of the kind you can see and feel when groping your hair. In addition, it is indispensable in its treatment against the devastating effects of heat from styling tools, exposure to UV rays and environmental pollution that leave hair dry, dull and dull.

It works to rebuild broken capillary bonds and thereby reduce hair breakage. Deeply penetrates the strands without giving weight. Try this powerful and intensive damage prevention treatment that helps you regain strength and balance the moisture in the strands. Soft, silky, shiny and healthy hair in minutes.

Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield is a protector against the effects of heat and UV rays. This leave-in is essential for your daily use and guarantees a powerful protection against damage from the application of heat, pollution and UV rays.

Helps prevent color fading, working tirelessly to keep the strands vibrant and healthy. The hair is 4x more resistant to breakage and is soft, shiny and fortified.

This incredible product is an excellent advocate against the adverse effects of daily styling and exposure to the weather, keeping your hair beautiful, silky and vibrant, looking and looking healthy. Use before styling, and your hair will be strengthened inside and out.

How to Use:
Distribute a small amount of shampoo over the scalp and massage until foam and rinse. Repeat if necessary.
Remove excess water from the hair with a towel, apply the mask on the length and ends and wait 5 minutes until rinsing.
Then, apply the conditioner along its length and ends, without going over the root. Use a comb to distribute evenly and rinse thoroughly.
Spray the leave-in over the length and ends of the damp hair before drying and styling. Do not rinse.

-01 Joico Defy Damage Protective Shampoo 300 ml
-01 Joico Defy Damage Protective Conditioner 250 ml
-01 Leave-in Joico Defy Damage for Color Longevity 100 ml
-01 Joico Defy Damage Mask for Color Longevity 150 ml