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K Pak Color Therapy Revitalisant African Manketti Argan Kit 3 Products - Joico

by Joico
Shampoo for all hair types. Creamy formula that promotes light cleaning provides hydration, resistance, nutrition and intense protection. Reduces fading during washing and has a delicious and sophisticated fragrance. Developed with the exclusive Capillary Protection System and the Quadrabond Peptide Complex and the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. Apply to damp hair until foaming. Then rinse. Cleaning with antioxidant action maintaining the vividness of color. Improves elasticity and shine, preventing color loss.

Instantly conditions, hydrates and detangles. Highly nutritious and reconstructive, its antioxidant action protects the color and promotes intense shine. Developed with the exclusive Capillary Protection System and the Quadrabond Peptide Complex and the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex. Apply to clean, damp hair, wait 1 minute. Then rinse. Softness and intense shine that preserves color, repairs and moisturizes, promoting intense shine.

The secret to perfect hair! Mask that repairs damaged hair and instantly shines. On a daily basis, our hair suffers from several damages: the heat from the dryer and the board, colorings, discolorations, straightening, and even pollution and sun exposure contribute to damage the hair. And sometimes we think that the most practical solution is to cut your hair, right? Well, no more! The Joico Luster Lock Repair and Instant Shine Mask is the secret to perfect hair. Its effects are almost miraculous: thanks to the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex technology, exclusive keratin formula, the effects of the repair from the inside out start to be noticed in the first application, its protection lasts for up to 24 hours. The Quadrabond Peptide Complex technology, on the other hand, is enriched with African Manketti Oils and Argan for quick absorption, which results in a wonderful shine while maintaining the vibration of the hair colors, in addition to increasing the resistance of the strands to breakage by 9x! Indicated for all types of hair, chemically or mechanically damaged, just 10 minutes to realize its effects, Luster Lock acts by replacing lost lipids, while internally and externally repairs the hair structure. Creates a long-lasting film that maintains the integrity of the hair, in addition to offering high antioxidant action, protecting against the action of free radicals. With a luxurious fragrance, Luster Lock has a creamy texture and is easy to distribute, you will feel like you have just left the salon, with super hair. Soft, with a lot of movement and with a dazzling shine, breathtaking. For fine hair: Apply Luster Lock to damp and freshly washed strands in length and ends. Leave on for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For thick and coarse hair: Apply Luster Lock on damp, freshly washed strands, from the scalp to the ends. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Deep repair with just one application. Hydration and emollience. Incredible shine and softness. Healthier and much stronger hair with each use.

-01 Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo for Colored Hair 300 ml
-01 Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Colored Hair Conditioner 300 ml
-01 K-PAK Color Therapy Instant Repair and Shine Mask 140 ml