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Progressive Brush Straight Hair Smoothing Coffee Sealing Kit 950ml - Look Prime

Straight hair and treated in a precise way, makes hair healthy, soft with intense and lasting shine, providing vitality and lightness.

How to use:
1 - Apply the Shampoo to wet hair, gently massaging the scalp, rubbing the entire length of the strands. Rinse thoroughly, repeat this process for another 2 (two) times. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess Shampoo.
2 After using the Anti-Residue Shampoo, dry 100% of the hair and divide in four parts. Start at the nape of the neck, separate in thin strand and start applying the product. Remove the excess with a towel and, with the aid of the dryer (cold air) dry the hair completely. Seal the strands with iron board continuously from 5 (five) to 10 (ten) minutes and wash with unsalted shampoo and conditioner, dry the hair with the aid of a dryer.
Shake before using.

01x Look prime anti-residue shampoo 950ml
01x Look prime active 950ml