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Coffee Hair Reducer Treatment Kit Formaldehyde Free 2x1L - Omniá

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Starting from the beginning Omnia Coffee, made with as main properties of coffee grainshas launched a product without formaldehyde and approved by Anvisa. The objective of this product is smooth by treating the yarns from the fiber capillary structure.

It's differential in a unique formulation: Protein / Keratin (main amino acid to cysteine), blend of amino acids, glyoxylic acid (activated term, has its activity potentiated) checking out an exclusive formulation, besides coffee grains blend.

As well as progressive for all types of hair, this product enables application, even though the consumer has used any kind of chemical on the hair how lights, progressive, henna, ammonia, is fully compatible with any type of previous procedure without damage hair structure and hair strands. Its formula still provides a deep moisturizing by treating thread by thread throughout its length. With only 2 steps and 30 minutes product acts without discomfort to those who apply and for who receives your application. With one important factor, it does not change the color of the hair when subjected to the heat of the dryer
or flat iron.

How to use:
-After thoroughly washing your hair with Shampoo Anti Residue (step 1), dry 80% of hair;
-Apply the Volume Reducer (step 2), strand by strand, distribute the product with the aid of a fine comb by the extension of the threads;
-Leave on for 30 minutes;
-Wash the hair thoroughly with only water, completely removing the product;
-Drying, performing a good brushing; Plank with thin wicks.
Board Temperature
Fine hair
Between 180 and 210 degrees
Root: 6 to 12 repetitions
Length: 6 to 12 repetitions
Tips: 3 to 6 repetitions

Normal, Colored, Curly and Wavy Hair
Between 190 and 230 degrees
Root: 6 to 12 repetitions
Length: 6 to 12 repetitions
Tips: 6 to 8 repetitions

Fine, Damaged Hair Discolored or Mechados
Between 180 and 210 degrees
Root: 6 to 9 repetitions
Length: 6 to 9 repetitions
Tips: 2 to 4 repetitions

Normal and Thick Hair
Between 230 and 240 degrees
Root: 10 repetitions
Length: 20 repetitions
Tips: 5 repetitions

-1 Omniá Anti Volume Shampoo 1L
-1 Omniá Coffee Volume Reducer Formaldehyde Free 1L