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Blond Matizer Hair Tinting Maintenance Treatment 300g - Plancton Professional

Matizer Hair Blond developed to block yellow tones and treat blonde hair. Smooth, detangling and conditioning formula. Promotes sealing of the cuticle. It develops the lost shine and acts gradually giving luminosity to the hair.

Indicated for tinting blonde and highlighted hair.

Not tested on Animals.

Olive oil:
Olive Oil is a 100% natural product, obtained by a technological process of extraction by cold pressing, generating an oil of exceptional quality, free from solvents and chemical residues. Due to its high content of Omega 6 and Omega 9, tocopherols and unsaponifiables, it acts as a hair rebuilding agent, strengthening and giving shine and vitality to the hair.

Protects and increases color durability.

Colored and hydrated hair.

Usage mode:
Wear gloves when applying. Apply the product strand by strand on clean and damp hair, gloving in the direction of growth until all strands are well aligned, soft and untangled. Let it act for about 5 to 15 minutes without heat, observing the action of the product on the hair; Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Use once a week if desired.

-01 Blond Matizer - 300gr