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Bio Tanix Restoring Hair Treatment Kit 3 Products - Prime Pro


Line of treatment based on Argan, Oliva and Ojon, which strengthens the threads. Ojon oil has properties that help in the reconstruction and strengthening of the hair. Due to its high content of fatty acids, it provides shine and forms a film on the hair, moisturizing intensely. Its unique texture, antioxidant elements and amino acids, bring an incredible result to the hair, with the recovery and deep nutrition of the hair. The Bio Tanix Restoring line was developed for this purpose, to recover, nourish, seal cuticles and revitalize damaged and weakened hair. It has the System 5S - solutions, with anti-break, anti-rust, anti-aging, antifrizz and anti-oxidant action.

How to Use:
-Apply on the wet hair a portion of Bio Tanix Restoring Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp and entire length of hair. Rinse the wires and, if necessary, repeat the application.
-After washing the hair with Restoring Shampoo, remove part of the moisture with a towel and apply the Restoring Mask, in all the extension of the wires. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
-Apply a few drops of Dual Restoring Oil on damp or dry hair, evenly spreading. Can be used before the iron or dryer.

Argan: Natural compound rich in vitamin A, E, essential fatty acids, omega 6 and 9. Argan naturally moisturizes wires by reducing frizz, it is an excellent active to restore and restructure capillary fiber. Nourishes, strengthens wires, gives shine and softness.

Olive: Rich in omega 9, essential in maintaining hair, it is excellent in the treatment of damaged yarns. It returns the shine and softness, making them more silky, contributing to the maintenance of the hair fiber. Helps rebuild the wire structure and has antifrizz action. It is indicated for treatment of hair with chemicals, which make constant use of the hair dryer, piastra or stains.

Ojon: Vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of Oliveira, a Mediterranean tree. Obtained by pressing only at low temperatures, the oil is mechanically filtered. It has high content of antioxidant substances, restores the wires, giving softness and shine.

-Restoring Shampoo 300ml
-Restoring Mask 200g
-Duo Restoring Oil 30ml