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Crystallization Brush Cauterization Keratin Thermal Treatment Kit 3x500ml - Yllen

by Yllen

Cauterization is the most complete treatment in terms of capillary reconstruction, the product acts thoroughly restoring all hair structure in addition to replacing all the vitamins needed to enhance hair growth naturally, fast and healthy.

Capillary cauterization is a deep hydration of keratin-based hair that leaves softer, silky and smoothest hair due to its anti-frizz factor. It can be made once a month or every 15 days when the hair is too damaged.

Capillary cauterization, also called crystallized brush, is the best option to recover extremely dry hair, brittle hair, hair dyed, hair that have suffered with chemical processes, is also indispensable for people who live in a coastal region ... people who use with Frequency beaches and pools because cauterization repose keratin, vitamins and lost proteins, acting on the wire more deeply than a hydration or capillary reconstruction.

Yllen cauterization is a professional product compatible with all chemicals and compatible also with all kinds of hair ... In the case of hair with lights, hair with reflections and platinum hair the product acts without changing the color of the wires ... in the Caco From curly hair, the product acts without undoing the curls, the product will only reduce hair volume and eliminate frizz in addition to promoting all reconstruction mentioned previously ...

How to use:
Wash the hair with the revitalizing shampoo, with wet hair massaging and rinse, repeat the application to get better cleaning the wires.
Dry hair only with a towel and wet hair Apply Cauterization Max Keratina Step 2, let Max Keratin Act for 30 minutes then rinse hair with water with allowing all hair product. Dry the hair and finalize using the crystallized brush Step 3 - Brush and Hair Hair.

Revitalizing shampoo 500ml - pH 5.0
Max keratin 500ml - pH 4.0
Crystallized brush 500ml - pH 4.0 / 5.0