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Newtox Btox Volume Reducer Botulinic Thermal Sealing Treatment 1Kg - Yllen

by Yllen

The New Tox Yllen is a volume gear unit, promotes a capillary fill, acting inside the fiber, through a blend of amino acids, providing a molecular alignment that returns strength, vitality, resistance and health to the wires.

How to use:
Wash your hair preferably with a pre-treatment "anti-residue" shampoo, and rinsing normally. Sack 80% of the wires and separate the hair into parts, then drop one side and with the aid of the comb and brush apply the product at the ends of the wicks. With the aid of the comb spread the product up the tips of the wick. Repeat the operation on all hair. Leave 20 minutes without thermal cap, then rinse 50% of the product, brush and plank in fine strands until the cuticles seal.

-01 Yllew Newtox 1Kg