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Plástica dos Fios Lite Wires Plastic Blond Tinting Hair Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Yllen

by Yllen

Organic product without formal smooths 100% all kinds of hair without altering color, no smell strong and blazeless in the eyes.

Plastic wires is a high quality product capable of promoting the perfect alignment of the wires on any type of hair in addition to providing too bright and swing without altering the color of the hair and without losing the natural aspect of the wires.
Can be applied in all kinds of hair, including blond hair, hair with lights, hairs with wicks, black hair, curly hair, afro hair, red hair, hair Marsala hair gray, platinum hair.

This is a differentiated and very tasteful product, it does not contain anything from formol in your formula, contains Tutti - Frutti, smell of quite nice chewing gum and super simple product to apply in the hair. This is the perfect product for any kind of hair, full of benefits to your locks, no strong smell, no burning in your eyes and without discomfort during the application. The plastic of the wires without formol is a product used in the best and most renowned salons of beauty from all over Brazil, with certainty the result of the plastic of the wires will surprise you and your hair will look even more beautiful.

Effect of product in hair.
* Perfect thread alignment
* Reduces undesirable volume
* Promotes a smooth and lasting effect for up to 90 days
* Completely eliminates the frizz
* Returns the glow of the hair.
* Hydrates and reconstructs capillary fiber.
* Strengthens wires by stimulating hair growth.
* Compatible with all chemicals.
* Do not yellow blonde hair or platinum hair
* It does not change the color of the colored hair.
* Does not fall or strip of wires
* Does not contain anything of formal in the formula

How to use;
Wash your hair with pre-treatment shampoo of two to three times until fully opens the cuticles of the wires. Rinse hair and dry more or less 70%,
Shake the asset well Step 2 every time you use, use gloves then apply the plastic of wire wires by wick, spread the product with a comb of the root to the hair tips avoiding the contact with the scalp.
Let the product act between 15 and 20 minutes, rinse 70% of the product dry your hair and finish with a good brush and plank.
Obs; Do not plank with all the product in the hair, it is necessary to remove the excess rinsing more or less 70%

Technical details;
The pro-liss base the assets of the plastic sealing of the wires are natural: Argan, amino acids, urea, keratin, silicones and acid citric. This is undoubtedly the best way to smooth your natural and healthy hair without harnessing the wires. The result remains for up to 90 days,

-01 Yllen Plástica dos Fios Shampoo 1L
-01 Yllen Plástica dos Fios Gloss 1L