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Professional Red Hair Reconstruction Tinting Color Maintenance Mask 1Kg - Yllen

by Yllen

The red reconstructive mask is suitable for red hair, cream reconstructs and deeply nourishes wires, tinting and restoring the faded red hair color. The trend of this product is to intensify the color and glow of the hair providing a living and vibrant red in hair that are already red, but needing maintenance in color and hydration. This product also promotes the degree of natural moisture of hair by eliminating all dryness besides creating a protective layer on the wires making the result remain for much longer in the hair.

Deep hydration and red-haired mating is used in the best and most renowned beauty salons, the product is suitable for hair with any tone of red, hair with wicks, hair with lights, hair with or without chemistry. The result of the Red Mask can be noticed soon in the first application and the product switching is very pleasant and hot to feel. With red hair tint moisturizing you will feel a refreshing sensation on the scalp, which will provide a pleasant feeling of cleaning and lightness in the wires.

How to use:
Wash the hair with shampoo, rinse well red hair and dry only with a towel. Spread over the hands the red hair moisturizing mask and apply on the hair by massaging for a few minutes. Let the product act from 15 to 25 minutes. Rinse 100% hair using only water and finalize how you prefer

Result of red hair hydration;
* Hydrates hair completely rebuilding capillary fiber
* Replaces all the vitamins needed for the hair to remain healthy
* Resets capillary mass and eliminates all the dryness caused by chemical process, coloring, progressive etc.
* Eliminates the frizz and nourishes the hair root
* Revitalizes the hair tone and provides more brilliance and softness for your locks
* Potentiate hair growth since the wires will be nourished and well moisturized
* Restores color and eliminates the faded hair.
* Has excellent hair fixation and does not stain clothes.

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