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Reconstruction Lite Anti Frizz Moisturizing Strenghtening Mask 1Kg - Mairibel

by Yllen

It is recommended in treatment for dry and chemically treated hair. Hydrates, reconstructs and nourishes deeply, restoring and recovering the vitality of capillary fiber. It promotes the degree of natural moisture of hair, restoration and recovery of dry wires, keeping them soft and with radiant brightness, as well as being healthy, moisturized and rebuilt. This is a deep hydration used in the best and most renowned professional beauty salons, the product is indicated for any type of hair with or without chemistry. We recommend this product also for curly hair, curly and brittle. The result of the product is notorious in the first application and the product switching is very pleasant. Deep hydration is the most efficient of all because it contemplates additional nutrients in relation to other types of hydration. In order for a hydration to be 100% effective it is necessary to use quality products and follow the correct procedure.

- Eliminates the frizz.
- Restores brittle hair and double tips.
- Returns the glow of the hair and highlight the tonality.
- moisturizes and reconstructs capillary fiber.
- Strengthens the wires by stimulating hair growth.
- Compatible with all chemicals.
- Leaves soft hair providing a natural look.
- revitalize and completely restore capillary fiber.

How to use:
1 - After washing the hair with pre-treatment shampoo rinse well the hair and dry only with a towel.
2 - Spread on your hands the mask resconcoustration life and apply over the hair by massaging lightly for a few minutes.
3 - Make sure the product was well spread throughout the hair.
4 - Let the product acting from 20 to 25 minutes, after the product action time will already be notorious the result in your hair.
5 - Rinse 100% of the hair using only water and finish with dryer and plank.

-01 Yllen Reconstruction Mask 1Kg