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Thermal Sealing Plástica dos Fios Wires Plastic Hair Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Yllen

by Yllen

The plastic of the wires is a capillary sealing the base of phenoxyethanol. The product is mainly based on the following assets: Argan, amino acids, urea, keratin and silicones. The product is suitable for wavy, curly hair, afro with or without chemistry or for those who require only retouching in the root even for volume reduction.

This combination of assets promotes a deep and moisturizing action by creating a protective and restoring layer of the wires providing greater resistance in fragile and damaged hair. The product strengthens the wires, nourishing the root and stimulates strong and healthy hair growth. The application can normally be done in hair with coloring that will not fade.

The plastic thermal sealing of the yllen cosmetic wires acts through the combination of assets with the pH of the formulation, which with the heat of the board, promotes a 100% smooth effect, the result remains for up to 90 days.

- Smooths 100% any type of hair
- Reduces unwanted volume by promoting a perfect sealing.
- It promotes a smooth and lasting effect for up to 90 days.
- Completely eliminates the frizz.
- Returns the glow and softness of the hair.
- Moisturizes and completely reconstructs capillary fiber.
- Strengthens the wires by stimulating hair growth.
- It is a product compatible with all chemicals.
- Non-yellow blond or platinum hair.
- It does not change the color of the colored hair.
- It does not cause falling or breaking the wires.
- Promotes perfect smoothing in curly and afro hair without damaging the wires

Wash your hair with pre-treatment shampoo of two to three times until fully opens the cuticles of the wires.
Rinse and fully dry the hair, then apply the wicker thermal sealing by wick.
Let the product act between 15 and 20 minutes, dry the hair, brush and finish with the plank.

-01 Plástica dos Fios Thermal Sealing Gloss 1L
-01 Plástica dos Fios Shampoo 1L