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Botox Monoi Oil Step 2 Only - Fox

by Fox

Step 2 Treatment ONLY

Fox Botox Monoi Oil is a Professional Volume Reducer that provides natural restoration. It is based on Monoi Oil, originating from Tahiti obtained from the maceration of the flower known as Tiaré in Coconut Oil. The beautiful flower tiaré is a symbol of French Polynesia and has moisturizing and yarn protection activities. Cultivated in the most remote areas of the islands, it has strongly moisturizing properties.
It provides the hair with deep hydration and hair reconstruction, in addition to reducing the volume of hair.
Fox Botox Volume Reducing Mask - 1000ml: The Volume Reducing Monoi Oil Mask contains moisturizing and capillary active ingredients. Its composition is rich in fatty acids that return the hair to silky, controls the volume of hair reducing frizz, promotes sealing of the cuticle and natural restoration of the wires.
How to use: Apply on clean hair, anti-waste shampoo, and damp, from root to tip. Do not rinse. Brush the hair in small locks and finish with a board. The hair can be washed because the cuticles have already been sealed.