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Professional Keratin Aloe Vera Macadamia Oil Reconstructor Aloe-Tox 1Kg - Groove

by Groove

Aloe-Tox Aloe Vera Keratin Groove Professional acts as a hair mass reconstructor with immediate results. Corrects brittle wires, provides capillary alignment, deep hydration and protein restitution, transforming bulky, damaged and porous hair into super healthy, frizz-free, smooth, hydrated and loose hair. Result: Straight, hydrated, ultra shiny and moving hair.

How to use:
01 - Wash your hair with an Anti Residue Shampoo. 02 - Dry 80% of the hair by removing all moisture from the hair. 03 - Divide the hair into 6 parts. 04 - Apply Aloe-Tox Groove Professional with the help of a brush and fine comb to spread the product well on the strands. 05 - Let the Aloe-Tox act for 10 to 20 minutes.
06 - Rinse. 07 - Dry, brush and flatten your hair.
08 - Finish as you wish.

-01 Groove Keratin Aloe Vera Aloe-Tox 1Kg