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12x lot Brazilian Henna Henê Amazônia Hair Growth Keratin Gel 180g - Divina Dama


Exclusive formula, natural shine, helps in hair growth, in addition to dyeing the hair.

Wick Test:
Separate a small lock of hair from the top of the head (center region). Separate a little of the product, apply combing the lock and wait 1 hour. Every 15 minutes, comb the strand to check that the hair is in good condition, thus determining the degree of resistance of the strands. In case of any negative reaction, the product should NOT be used. It is recommended if a hair treatment and only after the hair is fully recovered should another test be done before using the product.

Touch Test:
Apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or on the forearm, remove the product after 2 hours, and wait 24 hours. If, during this period, skin irritation, itching, burning in or around the area appears, a proven hint of hypersensitivity to the product, therefore it should NOT be used.

How to Use:
Before using the product, do the touch test and wick test. Use cape, gloves and plastic cap to avoid staining clothes and skin. Apply a thin layer of massage cream on the regions close to the scalp (neck, forehead, ears and neck) to avoid blemishes.
Apply to the hair strand by strand spreading well over the entire length of the strands, stretching the hair with the comb (not metallic) from the root to the ends, then cover the hair with a plastic cap and let it act for 1 (one ) to 2 (two hours. After the specified time, rinse and remove all Henê. Wash with shampoo and rinse. Then apply a rinse conditioner. If you prefer a more intense and lasting smooth, finish with a brush or board. natural and progressive.To touch up, apply to the root by pulling the excess towards the ends.

-12 Divina Dama Henê Amazônia Gel with Keratin 180g