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Agilise Professional Agi Immediate Agi Plex 2x250ml / 2x8.45 Fl Oz

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Agi Plex gives the hairdresser the ability to work without worry when doing chemical treatments. It should be used on all types of hair and any treatment performed in the salon. The active acts in recovery of the capillary structure and protection, providing hydration and repair of the damages caused by chemicals to the hair. It restores the mass, returns to the elasticity, emoliencia and brilliance to the wires.

Formula with strengthening components that provide disulfide protection. Grants safer chemichal procedures (straightening, coloring, and bleaching). Also provides capillary fiber recovery when used in treatment, giving back instantaneous hair elasticity.

Recommended: For hair protection during chemichal procedures and chemically treated, fragilized, and lifeless hair restoring.

Blonds | Hair protection | Bleaching

Step 1 - It is considered an "additive for coloring and discoloration". While the chemical process is performed, the Agi Plex active binds to the sulfur of the disulfide bridges to ensure wire integrity.

Step 2 - The active ingredient G. Plex is present in a smaller proportion but complementary to Step 1. This step is a treatment that also works to rebuild the disulfide bridges and repair the hair returning the strength, structure, integrity of the wires and ensuring anti-rubber.

How to Use:
STEP 1 - Add 5ml of Agi Plex Step 1 every 60 grams of chemical or hydration (powder decolorizing, coloring, relaxation, progressive).

STEP 2 - After washing the hair apply the Agi Plex Step 2 and let it act for 15 minutes, rinse and end.

-01 Step 1 250ml
-01 Step 2 250ml