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Agi One Intenseliss Sérum Treatment 1L - Soller

by Soller

Agi One realigns and conditions the wires collection, providing hair shielding effect, frizz reduction and protection of the hair fiber.
It contains a unique nanoparticle system that integrate the wires due to nanodispersion. Associated with an innovative polymer forming system of an elastic film and repelling water.
This film under thermal action, crystallizes on the wire surface (thermal crystallization), homogenizing its relief and setting even more conditioning agents.
Thus AGI One technology promotes realigned yarn, soft and hydrated in all hair types.

How to use: 

- Wet the hair and remove excess water with a towel. Apply 15-70 ml of Agi One to damp hair, according to the hair length and density.
- Pass the length of the wires massaging gently without rubbing the scalp. Let stand for 20 minutes or more, depending on the wiring density. Rinse thoroughly.
- Thoroughly dry the hair.
- Separate hair into thin strands and pranche root to tip of the wire 5 to 7 times at a temperature of 180ºC to 230ºC.
- Ready! realigned wires. Finalize as desired.

-1 Agi One Intenseliss Sérum Soller 1L




Ask a Question
  • I bought ag one serum and I use it for the second time but Im not satisfy. My hair comes dry and with split ends

    Hello dear Helen, good afternoon!
    We are really sorry you had a bad experience with Agi One Serum. This product is for thick and rebel hair. Not sure it was the more appropriate for your type of hair. 
    We are launching our own brand, and it's a very special one. We've been working on a great formula that straights hair up to 5 months with NO formaldehyde and NO strong chemicals so it makes no fumes while applying and it's safe for you and your client. It can be applied to straight hair and also help curly hair to be more healthy and defined. Here's link:
    Please check and, in case you decide to try it, let us know so we can send the invoice with free shipping.