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Agi One Home Care Maintenance Kit - Soller

by Soller

Agi One series realign and condition hair providing shield effect, frizz reduction and protection to the hair fiber.
It contains a unique nanoparticle system that integrate the hair due to nanodispersion. Associated with an innovative system of elastic film that repells the water.
This film under thermal action, crystallizes on the hair surface (thermal crystallization), homogenising and setting even more conditioning agents.
Thus, Agi One’s technology promotes the aligned hair, softness and moisturizing.

Maintenance Shampoo Agi One

Developed to increase the durability of the treatment and to keep your hair hydrated, reduces the volume and makes the hair softer and realigned much longer.

Maintenance Conditioner Agi One

The combinated use with Shampoo Agi One Maintenance ensures that the treatment lasts much longer. Keeps your hair hydrated, controlling the volume and providing softness to your hair.

Agi One Thermo Control 

Forms a film that seals the cuticles and shields your hair from damage caused by heat of the dryer and flat iron. Prolongs the smooth effect, decreases the volume, moisturizes and conditions the hair, restoring shine and softness lost for damage caused in chemical processes.

-1 Agi One Maintenance Shampoo 500 ml
-1 Agi One Maintenance Conditioner 460g
-1 Agi One Maintenance Thermo Control