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Aloe Vera Chamomile Dust Free Bleaching Powder Discoloration 500g - Richée

by Richée
Bleaching powder. Richée Professional Prismcolor Bleaching Powder lightens up to 9 tones evenly, with beautiful results and little damage to the fiber. Achieves the desired opening tone quickly.

It has an efficient formula, with actives that help maintain the conditioning of the threads during the process, in addition to protecting against profound damage. Ideal for professional use.

Aloe Vera: helps to keep the hair conditioned during lightening and keeps the pH balanced, in addition to assisting in hydration.

Chamomile: helps in opening the tone quickly and safely, to obtain the desired blonde.

How to use:
Put on appropriate gloves. In a container, mix the bleaching powder with the oxidizer.
Separate the hair into sessions and start applying it strand by strand, with the help of a suitable brush. The break time must be controlled by the professional according to the desired lightening tone.
After the pause time, remove the product completely with warm water and wash the hair gently with shampoo.

-01 Richée Dust Free Bleaching Powder Discoloration 500g