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Marsala Vibrance Highlight Color - Hair Mask 300g - Amend

by Amend

Date of India: responsible for deeply moisturize, control frizz and bring more brightness.

After washing, remove excess water from the hair with a towel. Apply the mask by the length and tips, gently massage and leave it 1-20 minutes. Rinse completamente.Para seal the cuticles, follow with conditioner.

hair mask for hair color in marsala. Amend Marsala Vibrance Highlight Color Mask maintains intense color longer, moisturizes and protects. To keep the wires as if they had just stepped out of salão.Amend Marsala Vibrance Highlight Color Mask is developed with moisturizers and antioxidants assets guaranteeing all softness and shine, and prevent wear color. With pigments, it tonaliza the wires gently to a very bright and vibrant result. Protect from sunlight. Wires healthy and vibrant color for longer. Softness, shine and silky touch.