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Argan Oil Agi Hydration Acai Moisturizing Regenerating Hair Mask 400g - Agilise

The Agilise Acai Moisturizing Mask is an instant action product that is effective in post-chemical treatment, designed to meet the needs of chemical-weakened hair.

With a unique formula rich in Acai berry extract and argan oil, it recovers damaged hair and returns the nutrients needed for healthier, smoother, shinier and brighter hair. It also provides thermal protection against damage from thermal devices and protection against UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to the health and beauty of the wires.

Main benefits: Damage recovery; Hydration; Nutrition; Protection against thermal apparatus; Protection against external agents; Cheers; Force; Softness; Brightness; Brightness.

Indication: Product indicated for all hair types that have undergone chemical procedures.

Acai Extract: Active with antioxidant action that reverses the damage caused by the action of time and chemical processes and also returns the shine, emollience and vitality to the hair;
Argan Oil: Highly moisturizing active with antioxidant powers that helps in hydrating and improving the elasticity of the hair and also providing hair renewal, excessive volume control and intense shine.

How to use: Apply mask to clean, damp hair; Massage gently and let it work for 15 minutes; Rinse and finish as desired.

Result: Incredibly hydrated, healthy, soft, silky and radiant hair

01 - Acai Moisturizing Utra Mask (400g).