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Atlantic Life 5x1 Treatment Kit 2x300ml - Ocean Hair

Regeneration S.O.S Extreme Atlantic Life 5 × 1 - Suitable for all hair types that due to chemical processes and discolorations are extremely fragile, porous and with double ends. Made with vegetable extract and a blend of amino acids that promotes hydration, strengthening of the capillary structure, protection of color and repair of natural brightness. Enriched with panthenol and polyquaternium 55, it facilitates styling, reduces volume and increases yarn strength. Formula specially developed with sunscreen and thermal protector, to give life and protect the hair.

Atlantic Life Regenerating Crystallization - Finishing conditioner for easy brush slip. Elaborated with aloe and vera that reduces the damages promoted by chemical processes (smoothing, dyes, bleaches, etc.), prevents the formation of double ends, conditions, softens and moisturizes. Enriched with oat extract that acts between the cuticles and imperfections of the hair fiber reducing porosity, aligning the cuticles, prolonging the moisturizing effect and enhancing the shine, suppleness and flexibility. Contains silicone that protects and aligns the wires giving more gloss, silkiness and softness.

How to use;
-Thoroughly wash all hair with the nourishing purifying shampoo Speed ​​Treatment, or Hydrativit nourishing shampoo twice always looking to leave the hair already lined up, shortly after, dry all hair and make 80% the division always in wicks.
-Apply the regenerator S.O.S Extreme Shampoo  directly on the hair on the most damaged parts massaging with the fingers until the tips, always in fine and transparent wicks, with the aid of a comb distribute the product better aligned the wires. After applying all hair leave agira for 15 to 20 minutes and do not rinse.
-Apply Regenerating Crystallization directly to the damaged parts on step 1 and massage with your fingers to the tips, always in thin and transparent wicks, with the aid of a comb, to distribute the product better by aligning the wires. After applying throughout the hair leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse.

External use. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of allergy to any of the components of the formula, discontinue use.

Made with aloe vera

1- Regeneration sos extreme atlantic life 300ml
1- Atlantic Life Regenerating Crystallization 300ml