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Bioline Premium Progressive Brush 1L - Sphair

by Sphair

The progressive brush Bioline Premium provides immediate restructuring capillary action. Promotes internal hydration of the hair, restoring the strength of the fibrils macro links, keeping humidity degree and restoring essential amino acids to strengthen the structure of the wires.
The SP Hair intensified the junction of keratin which makes up 80% of the hair mass, with Hydrolyzed collagen that helps in the growth and restoration of hair. The brush is progressive and smooth the hair, leaving it soft and healthy looking.

How to use:

-Apply the Brush Limiter in the entire length of the wires, 05 cm respecting the root.
Blond hair: Pause for 20 minutes.
Normal hair: Pause for 30 minutes.
Hard hair (Annulated or virgins): Pause for 40 minutes.

-After the pause time rinse completely. Brushing and hot iron in the following proportions:
Blond hair: hot iron 10 to 15 times the 180.
Normal hair: hot iron 15 to 20 times the 215.
Hard hair (Annulated and virgins): Apply the hot iron 20 to 25 times the 230.


-1 Bioline Premium Progressive Brush 1L