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Bioplasty Reconstructor Home Care Hair Treatment Kit 4 Products - Lowell

by Lowell

Bioplasty is an innovative process that returns the suppleness, elasticity, shine and softness of hair. With reconstructive power, replenishes the lost mass of the wires and completely seals the cuticles. It has immediate action and is indicated as pre and post any chemical treatment.

Reconstructor Shampoo - cleans and moisturizes hair to leave it soft and shiny and maintains professional mass replacement treatment.

Reconstructor Conditioner - maintains reconstruction and replenishes nutrients with full-bodied hair and conditioning and shine.

Reconstructive Cream - Promotes hair fiber recovery, softness and vitality with light and velvety sensory and reconstruction in just 3 minutes.

Healing Balm - Unique system that completely recovers brittle, dry and rubbery hair in just one application. Suitable for colored and discolored hair, it has UV sun protection, selective regenerative action, thermal protection and break shield.

How to Use:
After the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo, remove any excess moisture from the wire and apply the conditioner. Avoid applying the product on the scalp.
For best results, conditioner should be interspersed with reconstructor cream.
After, remove excess moisture with a towel and apply a medium amount of healing balm reconstructive fluid over the entire capillary extension. Attention avoid the root! Let it act for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Finish the process with dryer, board or let it dry naturally.

01 Lowell Shampoo BioPlastia 240ml
01 Lowell Conditioner BioPlastia 200ml
01 Lowell Reconstructor Cream BioPlastia 25ml
01 Lowell Healing Balm BioPlastia 120ml