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Brazilian Keratin Step 2 Advanced Hair Treatment for Blondes 1L - Fit Cosmetics


The advanced blonde treatment is designed to counteract the golden or yellowish hue of lively blonde hair by enhancing a brighter, platinum tone that reduces the formation of split ends, restores damaged hair for intense hydration, shine and smoothness, leaving hair looking healthy. .

How to use:
1- Wash 2x to 3x the hair with deep cleansing shampoo.

2- Fully dry

3- Part the hair into thin strands and apply the advanced treatment for blondes to the full length of the hair, avoiding the root. Let it work until you get the desired tint.

4- After the desired break, in light blondes, rinse the wires completely, for the other cases, rinse and up to 90% completely dry.

5- With the board of your choice, break and flatten the hair into thin strands with high temperature until the strands are perfectly sealed. Repeat the process throughout the hair.

6- Allow to cool rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

7- Dry and finish as you wish


01- Advanced Treatment For Blondes Step 2 Fit Cosmetics 1L