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Blue Time Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Zap Cosmetics

Blue Time imparts nourishment and luster to the yarns, through its conditioning effect, provides yarn alignment, rebuilding and softness. Deep Cleansing Blue Time Shampoo removes accumulated waste by preparing hair for conditioning treatments. Conditioning Mask Blue Time provides wire alignment, ultra hydration and shine to the hair. Promotes reconstruction, softness and lightness, with natural effect and conditioning.

How to use:
 - With wet hair, apply a sufficient amount of Blue Time Shampoo, gently massaging the hair, rubbing in the opposite direction of the cuticles throughout the length of the threads;
 - Rinse and repeat this process two more times, observing if cuticles have been opened, rinse thoroughly;
 - With the hair already cleaned by Blue Time Shampoo and lightly moist, divided into quadrants, evenly apply the Blue Time Mask throughout the length of the threads, strand by strand, with a fine comb felt root to tips;
 - Leave to act from 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of hair;
 - After the action time, rinse off excess product;
 - With a dryer, make a pre-brush, then plank in fine wicks;
 - Rinse thoroughly.
Ready! Smooth, nuanced and hydrated.

What are you buying!
01 - Deep Cleansing Shampoo Blue Time 1000ml;
01 - Blue Time Conditioning Mask 1000ml.