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Boratox Formol Free Deep Hair Mask Mass Replenishment Organic Hair Mask 300g - Borabella


Gives hair true volume reduction and mass replenishment, eliminates frizz, deeply moisturizes, softens hair, and promotes perfect sealing of open or damaged cuticles, resulting in intense shine and a truly salon result.

Contains modern and organic actives, and our exclusive Blend BioComplex made up of light vegetable oils, low molecular weight proteins and 19 amino acids that promote complete and deep reordering of the cortex and capillary cuticle.

For all hair types and colors, especially with frizz and bulky.

How to Use:
Wash with shampoo, rinse, wipe off excess water with towel. Apply Boratox to the full length of the hair using a brush, avoiding excessive contact with the scalp. Let it act from 30min to 50min
Then rinse, dry and brush with dryer, debt the hair in 4 parts, and flat iron in very thin strands. Finish as you wish.

-1 Borabella Boratox Organic Mask 300g