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Brazilian Cauter Organic Treatment Mask Bottox Pro Repair No Formol 1kg - Nuance

by Nuance

Developed with Coconut Oil and Lactic Acid. It is an antioxidant product that treats the health of the hair, leaving it very shiny, without volume and without frizz. The Nuance Pro-repair Bottox Capillary has the power to rejuvenate the hair, acting deeply in the reconstruction of the hair fiber, reducing the volume, totally unscented and unblazing revolutionary formula that provides a result of extreme softness and great hydration.

How to Use:
With clean and damp hair, apply Bottox Pro Repair Nuance No formaldehyde, followed by a break time according to the structure of the hair. Brush andplank with flat iron. Finish as you wish

-Nuance Bottox Pro Repair 1kg