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Brazilian Chocolate Bomb Ultra Hydration Professional Mask 250g - Forever Liss

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Forever Liss Chocolate Bomb Mask intensely strengthens and moisturizes the hair fiber through Cocoa, Hazelnut Oil and Shea Butter that provides the fight against premature aging of the hair, leaving them ultra soft, shiny and light. The Mask deeply nourishes the hair, revitalizing the fiber giving them incredible softness and silkiness.

-Fantastic Hydration
-Amazing brightness
-Combat aging
-Combat dryness
-Fight Frizz

How to Use:
Apply Chocolate Bomb Mask to damp hair, distributing gently with a comb until you realize that the product has been fully absorbed. Let stand for 5 minutes, comb and rinse the strands.

-1 Forever Liss Chocolate Bomb Mask 250g