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Brazilian Original Hair Treatment Fusion Straightening 2x1L - American Desire


The Fusion Brush line features powerful, high-treatment components that result in a unique formula that smoothes and at the same time delivers deep hydration. No odor, no burning, no formaldehyde. In it contains Shampoo, Nutritive reducer.

Anti Residue Clean Force Shampoo - The Clean Force shampoo has a selected formula with the best compounds and exclusive combinations that result in absolute malleability and control.

Nourishing Reducer - Nutritive Reducer is the solution for damaged hair, undisciplined and attacked by frizz. It provides the perfect smooth result, with radiant glow and complete finalization.

How to Use:
ShampooFirst, make a diagnosis of hair texture and strength. Analysis before any service is important for a satisfactory result. Apply Clean Force Step 01 Shampoo on damp hair, making even distribution. Massage gently without rubbing the scalp. Repeat the process until you feel that the capillaries are already open, according to the diagnosis, carefully watching the ends of the threads, and rinse.
ReducerRemoves excess moisture with a towel and dry the hair 100% with the dryer at medium temperature. Separate the hair into 4 strands and apply, with the aid of a brush, Reductor Nutritive Step 02, beginning at the nape of the neck, ½ cm from the root. Realign the wires at full length with a fine comb. Let the product act for 30 minutes (it is of utmost importance that the break time be respected), and rinse the hair with water only to remove the excess. After the break, brush the hair with a blow dryer and then use the thermal board (plate), with a temperature of 220 ° C in fine wicks, from root to tip, 20 to 30 times. Due to the fragility of blond hair, it is not recommended to use two sequential boards.

-01 American Desire Fusion Shampoo 1000ml
-01 American Desire Fusion Reducer 1000ml