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Brazilian Treatment Agi Max Kera X Semi Di Lino Progressive Brush 3x1L - Soller

by Soller

The Agi Max Smart Brush is a line of products indicated to smooth, moisturize, eliminate volume and give shine to the hair. It is compatible with all chemicals and types of hair: dyed, with highlights, bleached, with relaxation including Henna.

The Kit Smart Brush Agi Max is composed of products specially developed for the treatment of hair, and in its composition are present hydrolyzed keratin, vitamins, amino acids and active ingredients. Agi Max helps in the replacement of keratin in dry and damaged hair, making them soft and malleable.

How to Use:
- Apply Shampoo on wet hair and massage. Rinse and repeat the operation 2 to 3 times.
- After washing your hair with shampoo, dry 70% of the hair. Divide the hair into quadrants and with the aid of a comb or brush, apply the Thermal Sealing in sufficient quantity to cover each strand.
- It is mandatory to pass a towel on the hair to remove the excess product.
- Dry 100% of the hair.
- Finish by applying the board 10 to 15 times on each lock from the root to the ends. Rinse.
- Apply the balm to clean hair and glove strand by strand. Leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.

-01 Soller Agi Max Kera X Semi Di Lino Step 1 Shampoo 1L
-01 Soller Agi Max Kera X Semi Di Lino Step 1 Thermal Sealing 1L
-01 Soller Agi Max Kera X Semi Di Lino Step 1 Balm 1L