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Deep Hair Mask Orghanic Treatment for Hair Straightening 1KG - Plancton Professional



Does Orgenic Plancton Deep Hair Mask have formaldehyde?It has no formaldehyde. 

What is the Orgenic Deep Hair Mask Asset?Lactic acid. 

Is it compatible with all chemicals?Yes, but the wick test is paramount to test the resistance of the wires. Product of professional use. 

Can it be used on blond hair?For blond hair we recommend the Platinum Deep Hair Mask Platinum. 

Can pregnant women and infants use it?Only on physician's recommendation. 

Can children use?We do not recommend the use of this product in children. 

Does using this product fade colored hair?There may be fading 1 to 2 tones. 

Can be used for how much in how much time?There is every 3 months. 


Orghanic Plankton Volume Reducer is a formaldehyde product that smoothes 70% to 100% of the wires. Easy to apply, it smells sweet, and does not burn eyes.It is a revolutionary treatment as it contains argan oil and macadamia. Deeply reconstructs the structure of the strands, restores the hair mass, returning the natural shine and balance of hair. 

INDICATION:Hair dry, bulky and with frizz.

COMPOSITION:Argan Oil, Macadamia and Abyssinian Oil. 



1. Wash hair with anti-residue shampoo, without scrubbing the scalp, rub only the wires;

2. Dry 90% and apply the Orghanic wick to the wick, wait from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes;

3. Rinse well;

4. Brush the hair and plank (pass the board) about 15 times each wick. If applied on blond hair, you can use a shader then. 



- Improves wetting;

- Models the wires;

- Reduces static;

- Increases brightness;

- Lightness and suppleness. 



- Plancton Deep Hair Mask 1Kg