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Deep Hair Mask Platinum Tinting Argan and Ojon Hair Mask Moist 250g - Plancton Professional


Plancton's Deep Hair Mask Platinum brings new life to your hair because it tints it while reducing its volume. The tinting assets neutralize unwanted yellow, intensifying and making the color more vibrant. Its oils act on the hair fiber, strengthening the internal and external structure of damaged hair, promoting hair reconstruction. Its components also sediment the cuticles, providing softness, silkiness, intense shine and extreme smoothness. 100% natural treatment for smooth hair effect for up to 3 months.

Argan Oil: Exerts a prodigious rejuvenating action on the hair, with antioxidant effect, preventing the action of free radicals, favoring the sealing of cuticles, resulting in hair with greater softness and shine, with a light and silky texture.

Ojon Oil: it has the same constitution as hair keratin, being rich in amino acids and natural antioxidants. Rich in lipids, ideal to put an end the creepy hair, the dreaded frizz, recovering the intense shine, vitality and protection to withstand the aggressions of everyday life.

How to use:
1. Wash with shampoo as many times as necessary;
2. Dry 50% of the hair, divide it and start the application at the nape, leaving 1 cm away from the root;
3. Let it act for 30 to 90 minutes (depends on the strength of the hair);
4. Rinse;
5. Brush your hair and plank (flat ironing) 8 to 10 times in thin strands.
Attention: do not use anti-residue shampoo.

-01 Plancton Deep Hair Mask Platinum Mask 300g