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Platinum Professional Kit 3x500ml - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu
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The Cadiveu Platinum line was developed especially for blond hair that is yellowish, bulky, dry and with frizz. Its formula, with exclusive High Tech Green technology, contains Chitosan Complex, which reduces frizz and volume while repairing, protecting and moisturizing the wires. In addition, it contains Jabuticaba Extract, with high antioxidant power, that acts on the yarns offering protection of the color, preventing the yellowish tones. The result is tinted blond hair, with softness, shine and no frizz for a long time.


How to use:

1. Tinting and Prolonged Anti-Frizz Effect

Wash your hair with the Cadiveu Platinum Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Remove excess water well with a towel, comb and separate the hair into 6 parts. Then apply the Active Matizador, strand by strand, letting act for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the wires completely and finish with brushing.

2. Deep Tinting and Hydration

Wash your hair with Cadiveu Plastic Shampoo Clay Revitalizing. With damp hair, apply the Cadiveu Platinum Matting Mask, strand by strand, gives root to ends. Let it act between 5 and 15 minutes (the action time of the product will be according to the tone height of each hair). Then rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.

3. Blonde Brush (Smooth Effect)

Wash the hair with the Cadiveu Platinum Deep Cleaning Shampoo Pre-Tint and dry the wires 100%, separating them into 6 parts. Apply Cadiveu Platinum Active Matizador, let it act for up to 30 minutes and dry again 100% the threads with the aid of a drier. Separate the hair into sections and board thin wicks, with a board temperature of at most 180 ° C. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.



-1 Cadiveu Platinum Deep Cleansing Shampoo 500ml
-1 Cadiveu Platinum Active Tint 500ml
-1 Cadiveu Platinum Matting Mask 500ml