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Capillary Bbtox Max Repair Absolute Volume and Frizz Control Mask 1Kg - Prohall

by Prohall

Max Repair BBtox is an anti-aging hair product that guarantees amazing results. BBtox Max Repair restores the health of damaged from the action of time. With an unique formula, rich in quality ingredients, BBtox Max Repair penetrates directly into the hair fiber by repairing and rebuilding damaged fibers, promoting moisturizing result with incredible shine.
BBtox Max Repair is a modern and innovative product, developed with the best high end technology, that guarantees outstanding results in combating aging of the hair while controlling the volume.

- Hydrolyzed collagen: rebuilder ingredient that completely reconstructs hair fibers;
- Lactic acid: penetrates inside of hair fibers, repairing the cuticles, rebuilding the damaged parts, promoting its natural shine and hydration;
- Avocado oil: highly moisturizing and rich in vitamins, it recovers dry hair returning its health, softness and shine.


- Anti-aging;
- Damage repair;
- Deep Hydration;
- Hair fiber recover;
- Protection;
- Frizz-free;
- Volume reducer;
- Intense shine;
- Easy to apply;
- Unique results.

How to Use:

1 - Apply an anti-residue shampoo of your choice on wet hair and massage until foam forms, check the cuticle opening. Rinse, and if necessary, repeat again.

2 - Dry 80% of the hair and apply Bbtox Max Repair strand by strand along the length.

3- On fine hair, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes; in coarse, maximum 30 minutes.

4- Wash the wires well and remove the excess with just water.

5- Brush and flatten thin strands 10 to 15 times.


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