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Cauter Bio Restore Cauterization Kit 3x500ml - Forever Liss

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Indicated for damaged, fragile, porous, devitalized and difficult to care hair. The Bio Restore Keratin Complex works to replenish amino acids and nutrients necessary for hair health, increasing the strength and resistance of the hair against external aggressions and chemical treatments.
- Replacement of keratin mass lost by external aggressions;
- Reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film;
- Rejuvenation;
- It captures the hair fiber, returning the resistance, shine, softness and nourishment to the hair.

How to use:
- Apply Cauter Restore Shampoo on wet hair and lightly wash the threads, rinse.
- Apply the shampoo again, massage the scalp gently until it forms a rich and creamy foam.
- Leave on an average for 5 minutes and rinse the wires completely.
- Apply and spread Keratin Cure Restore with the aid of a comb so that the product can fill all affected fiber;
- Leave on for 10 minutes;
- Without rinsing, dry the wires 100% with the aid of the dryer.
- Wait for the hair to cool and rinse.
- Apply a generous amount of the Cauter Restore Mask to damp hair, wick to wick, starting at the tips and massaging to the root.
- Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse the wires completely.
Professional Tip:
- Finish with a brush and clip the hair, leaving the fully aligned wires super soft and shiny.

-1 Forever Liss Cauter Restore - Shampoo 500ml;
-1 Forever Liss Cauter Restore - Keratin 500ml;
-1 Forever Liss Cauter Restore - Mask 490g.