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Cauterization Cauter Restore Hydration Bright Keratin Mask 500g - Fio Perfeitto


Developed with the latest technology, rich in BioRestore, Brazilian keratin, amino acid complex ceramides and royal jelly (active bio-organic). This complex of protein microparticles and low molecular weight amino acid replacement has extreme ability of cortical mass, repairing and reconstructing the entire area fragmented by excessive use of chemicals or by the air and mechanical action.

How to Use:
Apply Capillary Cauterization to damp hair, right after using the Shampoo, starting at the tips until close to the root; 
Distribute evenly, gently massaging strand by strand or using a wide tooth comb;
Let stand for 5 minutes and rinse normally;
Dry your hair 100% with a brush and dryer;
Finish with a board in fine wicks, with a temperature of 200ºC.

-01 Fio Perfeitto Cauter Restore Mask 500g