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Chocolate Bomb Moisturizing Mask 1kg - Forever Liss

The Forever Liss Chocolate Bomb Mask promotes moisturizing, nourishing, extreme shine and even combats aging of wires by keeping yarn color longer through Cocoa, Hazelnut Oil and Karite Butter. Is suitable for any type of hair, it acts where the threads most need hydration, leaving the hair radiant, soft and silky.

The Forever Liss Chocolate Bomb Mask has in its formulation natural actives such as Cocoa, Hazelnut Oil and Karite Butter that repairs all the porosity of the fiber by recovering and intensely moisturizing the hair. A true creamy extra hydration pump with frizz reduction.

For all hair types


-Fantastic Moisturizing
-Incredible Brightness
-Fights aging C
-Omit the dryness
-Fight Frizz

How to Use: 
Apply the Chocolate Bomb Mask to damp hair, gently dispensing with a comb, until you notice that the product has been fully absorbed. Let the mascara act for 5 minutes, comb and rinse the wires. Finish as you wish.